Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau BV is a socially involved company, both on a national and regional level. Based on that idea, we support many social and sports activities. We are open to great ideas and would like to stress how important this is for us. Sponsoring is often instigated because one of our employees is involved, or because an initiative has a strong local basis.


Delmeco’s sponsoring goal is brandawareness, image improvement, showing social involvement and making a valuable contribution to society. Furthermore, sponsoring is one of the pillars underneath our good long-term relations with clients, relations and employees. Delmeco Group sponsors on behalf of the entire group, but the individual PLCs also support various projects / initiatives.

Halo-Delmeco sidecar race team

Delmeco Projecten and Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau are proud to sponsor Zeeland´s first Formula 1 sidecar motocross race team. The team was originally formed by Jacco Lokerse (driver) and Toon Harthoorn (passenger) and in 2013 a second driver (Wout Vermeule) joined the team. They drive an RSR Suzuki with start number 67 and start number 87. They were all born in Zeeland and Toon and Wout still live here.


Delmeco Projecten and Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau have given the sidecar a Delmeco makeover.

Delmeco wishes the Halo-Delmeco race team all the best for its upcoming races.


Take a look at the Delmeco sidecar motor in 3D! Or download here the Delmeco sidecar screensaver!

Indoor football team Delmeco

Since the 2012-2013 season, Delmeco has its own indoor football team, which mainly consists of Delmeco employees. They play in the ZVV de Bevelanden competition. They have started out in the 2nd division.

Ride for the Roses

In 2008, the national Ride for the Roses took place in Zeeland.
The Ride for the Roses is a phenomenon in the Dutch cycling community. Everyone can participate in this cycling event. The money we collect through Ride for the Roses is earmarked for the yearly Koningin Wilhelmina Onderzoeksprijs (KWO Award) of KWF Kankerbestrijding (a research award from the leading Dutch cancer charity). By adopting this project, Ride for the Roses enables top class research.

The goal of Ride for the Roses is to support sporty, healthy fun activities which also help battle cancer. You cannot win money prizes at Ride for the Roses, instead each participant receives a red rose at the finish. The rose symbolises a new tomorrow for everyone.
Delmeco participated in 2008 with a team of colleagues and friends. Since 2008, Delmeco has participated in the local side event Delta Ride for the Roses each year.

www.ridefortheroses.nl (in Dutch)
www.deltaridefortheroses.nl (in Dutch)

Other projects that Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau BV supports:

Duchenne Heroes: 
Mr. J.A. Zwemer participated in the Duchenne Heroes tour.
www.duchenneheroes.nl (in Dutch)

Sportvereniging Sluis:

Delmeco sponsors the yearly International Youth Football Tournament in Sluis. 60 international teams participate and there are about 750 juniors active on the fields of S.V. Sluis.
www.svsluis.nl (in Dutch)

Sportvereniging Slagvast:
Sponsoring Beach Tennis Tournament.
www.slagvast.nl (in Dutch)

Molentocht Goes
Sponsoring yearly oldtimers tour.
www.molentochtgoes.nl (in Dutch)

Sporten voor Sophia
A Delmeco employee participates in the spinning marathon for the Sophia Children’s Hospital each year.
www.sportenvoorsophia.nl (in Dutch)

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