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An owner of a building is confronted with HVAC in many different ways. There may be complaints about the existing system, or existing systems are being modernised. Energy saving is becoming increasingly important, and owners of new builds are facing strict requirements in this field.

In the past,  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) was considered to be of minor importance in a building. Nowadays, HVAC systems are increasingly regarded as the axis in every building’s design, and there is a growing recognition of the fact that HVAC systems account for the major part of the comfort.

You, as a customer, are looking for a professional partner who can take your HVAC-related cares away.

Delmeco can be of great significance with regard to both new constructions and renovation:

  • complaints investigations:
    • Performing various measurements: air flow , CO2, temperature measurements (both Electricity and Water), atmospheric humidity measurements, luminosity measurements, energy monitoring, etc;
    • Inspections with the FLIR thermal camera in order to reveal cold bridges and malfunctioning systems.
    • Preparing a recommendation for improvement, in which the customer’s wishes and budget are taken into account.  
  • Making Energy Performance Standard (EPN) calculations and Energy Performance Advice Utility calculations (EPA-U);
  • Preparing a schedule of requirements or an action plan;
  • Basic and detail engineering of the following components:
    • Rainwater discharge and sewers both in connection with buildings and site piping;
    • Water systems: the water systems are designed with due observance of the ISSO 55 requirements (regulations for Legionella control in tap water);
    • Sanitary installations;
    • Fire protection systems;
    • Gas piping;
    • Compressed air systems;
    • Heating systems;
    • Ventilation and air conditioning systems;
    • Cooling systems;
    • Control systems;
    • Steam and condensate systems.
  • Carrying out inspections:
    • Legionella inspections for priority systems (Delmeco is BRL 6010 certified) and non- priority systems. For further information about Legionella click here.
    • Inspections for the purpose of energy saving;
    • Inspections for the purpose of comfort improvement;
    • Inspections due to the Building Decree.
  • Drawing up specifications (basic and detailed specifications), both in accordance with STABU specifications and customer-specific;
  • Preparing drawings in 2D and 3D;
  • Supervision of the construction/project management;
  • Delivery and aftercare.

For doing the works/making the calculations we have various software packages at our disposal.   

We can make the following calculations for you:

  • Mains system calculations;
  • Refrigerator calculations;
  • Heat transfer calculations;
  • Air duct calculations;
  • Tap water calculations;
  • Gas pipeline calculations;
  • Rainwater and dirty-water calculations;
  • EPA-U (Energy Performance Advice - Utility) calculations;
  • Cable calculations.

See here for an overview of our project references.

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