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Areaal op orde

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Project information

Project description:

Rijkswaterstaat Zuid-Holland (Department of Waterways and Public Works Zuid-Holland) is responsible for a large number of objects. It turned out that a lot of areal data is incorrect. The aim of the project 'Areaal op orde' (Organised Areas) is to obtain data of various objects as-built.


The Bakker Sliedrecht en Hofman Sliedrecht combination (now Spie Hofman) was responsible for maintenance of Rijkswaterstaat Zuid-Holland’s objects. Rijkswaterstaat commissioned a combined assignment for the execution of project Areaal op orde. At the request of Rijkswaterstaat, Delmeco was project manager. Delmeco also employed engineers and servicemen for drawing and inspection, as well as recording on site.


The assignment for the electrical and mechanical installation consisted of:

  • Checking current information (e.g. drawings and documents);
  • Recording the actual situation;
  • Making a photo report of the object;
  • Making as-built drawing packages (in E-plan and Autocad) based on what was recorded;
  • Providing object information, amongst which E-drawings, W-drawings, photo reports, decompositions, product specifications and software settings.

The following objects in the province of Zuid-Holland were involved:

  •  15 bridges (a.o. Brienenoord bridges and Spijkenisser bridge);
  •  4 aqueducts (a.o. Cortland Aqueduct);
  • 30 pumping stations (adjacent to various motorways).

Client: Bakker Sliedrecht

Bakker Sliedrecht is an international electrical engineering business for both maritime and industrial projects. Bakker Sliedrecht consults, designs, produces, assembles and repairs.

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