Service contract HABOG

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Project information

Project description:

In the Hoogradioactief Afval Behandelings- en Opslag Gebouw (HABOG) (Building for Storage and Treatment of Highly Radioactive Waste) highly radioactive waste is stored. Storage of highly radioactive waste demands a specific treatment. Due to its high levels of radiation, the waste has to be treated by remote control. The waste in the HABOG is constantly guarded by means of measurements and checks.


Delmeco has a service contract with COVRA for software maintenance of the HABOG in order to keep the applications present in the HABOG operational and in order to make modifications.

In the field of automation, the assignment comprises:


  • Application management of the following systems:
    • Operate IT;
    • Concept;
    • Xbt-L1000;
    • DPL-Toolkit;
    • Siemens S7;
    • Applicom;
    • MBX-driver;
    • PC Vue;
    • VB (Visual Basic);
    • RS-Bizware;
    • SQL-server.
  • Making modifications;
  • Providing a fault-clearing service for malfunctions and unforeseen circumstances.

The work that falls under the service contract, is executed by highly trained Delmeco programmers. Research is also done by Delmeco advisors with years of experience in the nuclear industry.

Client: COVRA N.V.

COVRA N.V. is the Centrale Organisatie Voor Radioactief Afval (Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste) where nuclear substances (solid and liquid) are processed and stored.

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