draaibrug Souburg Provincie Zeeland

Souburg Swing Bridge

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Project information

Project description:

The Souburg swing bridge links Oost- and West-Souburg (east and west Souburg).

The original bridge dates from 1869 and was destroyed in 1944. The current swing bridge dates from 1907 and originates from Sluiskil. This bridge was placed in Souburg in 1947. This swing bridge has been a listed monument since 2007.


The Province of Zeeland aimed for a complete renovation of the swing bridge. During this renovation additional wishes could be realised as well, such as improvement of traffic flow by the addition of an extra footpath and adaptation of the current set-up of the swing bridge.


For the field of mechanical engineering, the assignment consisted of:

  • Measurements of the current swing bridge construction by means of a 3D scan;
  • Drawing the current swing bridge construction with the aid of the original drawings and 3D scan;
  • Designs for:
    • support construction of the composite roadway;
    • adjacent footpath;
    • railings on bridge and land abutments;
    • position of the barriers;
    • lighting.
  • Making all work drawings required for the renovation and addition.

Client: Province of Zeeland

The Provincial Council has important obligations towards the inhabitants of Zeeland in various fields. The Provincial Council takes care of the organisation of nature reserves and maintenance of roads and canals, amongst other things.

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