migration crane control

Migration crane control

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Project information

Project description:

Century Aluminium produces primary aluminium.

The company is Situated in the United States, Iceland and the Netherlands and has over 1500 employees worldwide. One of the products Century produces in the Netherlands is anodes. Anodes are carbon blocks that are used as conductors in the electrolysis process of aluminium production.



Delmeco replaced the controls and frequency regulators of the anode handling crane for Century Aluminium. The outdated Allen-Bradley PLC, HMI and frequency regulators were replaced by a Siemens S7 PLC, HMI and Sinamics regulators.

The crane is one part of a 24/7 baking oven process. So as not to interrupt this process, the activation and test procedures were executed during planned stops.


The assignment comprised the following works for the disciplines of automation and electrical engineering:

  • Reading out old software and converting it to Siemens TIA portal;
  • Programming and testing new Siemens PLC;
  • Exchanging new PLC and frequency regulators;
  • Testing;
  • Activating new controls.

For this project, it was Delmeco’s responsibility to convert, implement and test the new crane controls and deliver them in  working order.

Client: Century Aluminium Flushing

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