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Chemical metering station

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Project information

Project description:

There is a water treatment installation for processing nuclear liquids. In order to process or neutralise various nuclear liquids, several chemicals have to be added to the water treatment.


Delmeco designed, delivered and installed a chemical metering station that can safely and responsibly inject (8 different) chemicals into the water treatment installation. This way, nuclear liquids are treated. The chemical metering
station ensures that chemicals can be transferred in the station without the chemicals being exposed to the environment or people. The automation makes it possible to put together a ‘recipe’ of which chemicals to inject into the nuclear waste water for the reactor vessel. 


The assignment combined mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation and HVAC and encompassed:

  • Execution of a pre-engineering;
  • Consultancy during the PPA (Potential Problem Analysis) in which the possible dangers to installations in the nuclear industry are analysed;
  • Execution of detail engineering (based on pre-engineering and results from the PPA);
  • Drawing up a functional design;
  • Building, testing and installing the installation incl. the control panels (executed by Delmeco Projecten B.V.)

In this project it was Delmeco’s responsibility to complete the metering station and deliver it turn-key and ready to start for all disciplines from design to realisation.

Client: COVRA N.V.

COVRA N.V. is the Centrale Organisatie Voor Radioactief Afval (Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste) where nuclear substances (solid and liquid) are processed and stored.

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