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Inspection for MOBZ

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Project information

Project description:

Rijkswaterstaat Dienst Zeeland (Department of Waterways and Public Works Zeeland) wants to increase efficiency by controlling almost all nautical objects from 2 nautical centres (from Terneuzen and the ir. J.W. Topshuis on the islet of Neeltje Jans).To this end, they have instigated the project Modernisering Object Bediening Zeeland (MOBZ) (Updating Object Control Zeeland). For MOBZ, Delmeco was commissioned to perform a baseline measurement (of the existing situation). The MOBZ contractor can use this as a basis for establishing design, risks and estimate of costs. This assignment encompasses the following objects: 

  • Lock complex Hansweert;
  • Bridge complex Vlakebrug;
  • Bridge complex Postbrug;
  • Lock complex Krammer;
  • Lock complex Kreekrak;
  • Northern Nautical Centre (ir J.W. Topshuis);
  • Lock complex Terneuzen;
  • Bridge complex Sluiskil;
  • Bridge complex Sas van Gent;
  • Southern Nautical Centre (Traffic Centre Terneuzen).

The assignment consisted of making an inventory of the current equipment and establishing the structural condition of buildings and the technical condition of, amongst others, the following installations:

  • Low-voltage distributors;
  • Emergency power supplies (generators and UPS);
  • Telephone and data installation;
  • Access control installation;
  • Burglar alarm installation;
  • Fire alarm and evacuation installation, other fire safety installations;
  • Emergency lighting installation;
  • Radar installation (new);
  • CCTV installation;
  • Intercom installation;
  • Public address system;
  • Marine telephone installation;
  • Mechanical installations (air treatment and ventilation systems).

Delmeco presented the various inspections in reports in accordance with Rijkswaterstaat approved norms.

Client: Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland

Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland maintains, manages and builds roads, motorways and the main waterways in Zeeland.



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