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Installations Philip Morris

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Project information

Project description:

GTI commissioned Delmeco to take care of the basic and detail engineering for the technical installations of the Philip Morris Flavour Centre. In the Flavour Centre, various flavourings that are added to tobacco are mixed.


The flavour centre in the USA will be closed and be built anew on location Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. The flavour centre is situated in a building which previously had a different use. This means that there are limitations to space and weight.


The assignment consisted of:

  • Basic and detail engineering central heating system (1600kW);
  • Basic and detail engineering cold water system (1200kW);
  • Basic and detail engineering steam and condensation system;
  • Detail engineering air treatment installation (7 items AHU);
  • Detail engineering drink water and hot water system;
  • Detail engineering gas pipes;
  • Detail engineering compressed air system.

After the engineering was finished, Delmeco managed the construction during the operational phase, testing and start-up.

Client: GTI

GTI (now Cofely) is one of the major installers of the Netherlands in the field of electrical and mechanical installations.

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