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Sprinkler System

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Project information

Project description:

Bel Leerdammer decided to install a sprinkler system in its production location in Wageningen in order to secure business continuity of the production lines. The aim of the sprinkler system is to minimise damages resulting from a fire. Furthermore, the server room is fitted with a gaseous fire extinguishing installation. Delmeco was asked to make an inventory of all wishes, requirements and specifications of the sprinkler installation together with corresponding investment and planning items.


The assignment consisted of various aspects that have common ground with various disciplines such as construction, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

  • Making an inventory and drawing up construction documents with appendices for project realisation, including consultancy;
  • Drawing up an investment estimate;
  • Inviting quotations, judging quotations and consultancy regarding selection;
  • Attuning Bel Leerdammer, fire brigade, insurer, production and other parties involved, including project planning;
  • Construction management and project management in the operational phase;
  • Checking drawings and specifications;
  • Ensuring adequate completion for Bel Leerdammer.

In this project it was Delmeco’s responsibility to manage all disciplines, including managing contractors in order to get to an operational system that meets the wishes and demands of the client.

Client: Bel Leerdammer

Bel Leerdammer produces, develops and packs high-quality brand cheese and cheese products under the Leerdammer brand. Bel Leerdammer has an innovation centre in Schoonrewoerd, and production locations in Schoonrewoerd, Dalfsen and Wageningen.

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