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Various Object Inspections

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Project description:

In order to establish the state of maintenance of various engineering structures, Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Waterways and Public Works) has them inspected on a regular basis. The maintainability and current safety standards (forexample NEN1010 and NEN3140) are taken into account for this purpose as well.


Delmeco has performed various inspections for Rijkswaterstaat, amongst which:

  • Sustainability and research inspections E and W installations Oosterscheldekering (storm surge barrier);
  • Sustainability inspections public lighting;
  • Sustainability inspections speedometers and traffic jam systems;
  • Baseline inspection traffic lights;
  • Condition inspection wall slides lock complex Krammer;
  • Research inspection fire extinguishing installation Kreekrak and Krammer locks;
  • Sustainability inspection E and W fire extinguishing installation West and Middle lock and safety installation on the Middle lock in Terneuzen;
  • Sustainability inspection Oosterscheldekering, electrical and mechanical installations of diesel power station in the Topshuis;
  • Baseline inspection Hongersdijck bridge in Kats;
  • Baseline inspection sluice Zandkreek dam;
  • Condition inspection Fire and Burglar alarms Brouwerssluis;
  • Baseline inspection second Rol bridge and controllable drive draw bridge in Bruinisse;
  • Condition inspection Fire and Burglar alarms Grevelingen lock, Bathse Spui lock, Bergsediep lock and Kreekrak locks;
  • Baseline inspection controllable drive Bascule bridge Bergsediep lock;
  • Baseline inspection door drives vertical lift doors Kreekrak locks;
  • Condition inspection Handels harbour Breskens (LS installation);
  • Condition inspection quay walls Handels harbour Breskens;
  • Baseline inspection water cables swing bridge Sluiskil and swing bridge Sas van Gent;
  • Baseline inspection medium voltage installation Emergency plant Terneuzen;
  • Condition inspection mooring dolphins, dangerous substances jetty;
  • Baseline inspection pneumatic barrier lock complex Terneuzen;
  • Baseline inspection fender walls West lock Terneuzen.

Delmeco presented the various inspections in reports in accordance with Rijkswaterstaat’s requirements incl. advice and recommendations for replacement and maintenance.

Client: Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland

Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland maintains, manages and builds roads, motorways and the main waterways in Zeeland and is responsible for the service and maintenance of various engineering structures within the province of Zeeland.



Photos: beeldbank.rws.nl

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