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Renovation Hotel Goes

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Project information

Project description:

Delmeco was both project leader and consultant regarding permits and procedures for the extension plans of Hotel Goes (previously Motel Goes) in order to realise their wishes. The extension of the hotel was realised in various stages.


The assignment mainly consisted of:


  • Consulting with various parties involved (governmental bodies);
  • Realising an exemption from the zoning plan (by means of a section 19, subsection 2 procedure) for a renovation;
  • Application for a (phased) building permit;
  • Realising an adjustment in the zoning plan in order to enable future renovations.

In order to be able to deal with branch developments and developments in the vicinity, Hotel Goes wishes to remain flexible so that they can further extend or adjust the hotel in the future.

Client: Van der Valk Hotel Goes

Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants is the largest company in the Dutch hotel and catering industry. Currently Van Der Valk has 68 establishments in the Netherlands and 30 abroad, from Belgium to Florida. Furthermore, they have
plans for various new multifunctional ultramodern hotels. Van der Valk Hotel Goes has 132 hotel rooms and various multifunctional rooms.

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