Dokje van Perry

Dokje van Perry

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Project description:

The dokje van Perry (Perry’s dock) is the oldest dry dock of the Netherlands, and one of the oldest of Western Europe. The dock dates back to the year 1705. Since 1964, the dock has been a listed building. In 1974, when the Schelde grounds were expanded, the dock ended up below grounds. In 2010 it was decided to excavate the dock again, and restore it.   


In the dokje van Perry, a so-called ship caisson (bateau porte) was used. The caisson could be steered into the entrance of the dock and, sunk in its socket, it serves as the floodgate of the dock. When the dock was excavated, the ship caisson was also exposed.  

The caisson had to be fully renovated for future use.  


For the engineering department the order consisted of:

  • Measuring/scanning and drawing of the socket that the ship caisson was sunk in at the time;
  • Measuring/scanning and drawing of the remnants of the construction of the ship caisson;
  • Design for the purpose of the renovation of the remains of the construction;
  • Design of a new superstructure on the ship caisson;
  • Strength calculation of the ship caisson;
  • Stability calculation of the ship caisson;
  • Preparing all the working drawings that are required for the renovation and addition.

Client: Municipality of Flushing

Flushing is a seaport town and a municipality in the province of Zeeland.

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