Double sludge induction dryer 1

Double sludge induction dryer

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Project information

Project description:

Delmeco has designed, delivered and installed a sludge induction dryer for COVRA N.V. It helps them to process nuclear sludge in a responsible and safe manner. COVRA can process both solids and liquids. The sludge induction dryer separates the liquid from the sludge so that both forms of waste can be processed separately.


An induction coil raises the water temperature of a 100 litre tank filled with sludge to such a level that it starts to evaporate. A steam condenser and cold water machine transform the steam back to its liquid form which is gathered in a separate tank. The leftover dry substance in the 100 litre tank can be processed as solid waste. There is a double installation in order to be able to employ a double capacity.


The assignment combined mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation and HVAC and encompassed:

  • Execution of a pre-engineering;
  • Consultancy during the PPA (Potential Problem Analysis) in which the possible dangers to installations in the nuclear industry are analysed;
  • Execution of detail engineering (due to pre-engineering and results from the PPA);
  • Drawing up a functional design;
  • Building, testing and installing the installation incl. the control panels (executed by Delmeco Projecten B.V.)

In this project it was Delmeco’s responsibility to complete the double sludge induction dryer and deliver it turn-key and ready to start for all disciplines from design to realisation.

Client: COVRA N.V.

COVRA N.V. is the Centrale Organisatie Voor Radioactief Afval (Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste) where nuclear substances (solid and liquid) are processed and stored.

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