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Legionella inspecties

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Project information

Project description:

The owner of a building is usually the owner of a collective water supply system as well. According to the Drinking Water Act, this entails that minimally, they also have a so-called duty of care for Legionella prevention. Many owners are unaware that, aside from showers, they have many other spray outlets which are therefore potentially hazardous, such as: high-pressure cleaners, hose cocks, humidifiers, drench hoses, mixing valves and fire hose reels.


Our inspectors distinguish themselves with a work method that does not just focus on a good and safe water supply system, but also aims at minimising control measures and running costs. 

In the field of HVAC the assignments comprised:

  • Installation inspections based on Waterwerkbladen (water work sheets), NEN 1006 and ISSO 55.
  • These inspections mainly consist of:
    • On-site inspection;
    • Various on-site temperature measurements and time registrations;
    • Taking photos of hard to reach places or collapsed pipes with the FLIR thermography camera;
    • Recording existing installations.
  • Drawing up a list with points of interest and work descriptions after consulting the client (if applicable). 
  • By means of this work description, the client’s own maintenance service or an installer can execute the required and/or recommended installation adaptations.
  • After the own maintenance service or installer has completed the work, the installations are once again inspected. By means of this inspection, the risk control plans and risk analyses required by ISSO 55 are drawn up.
  • Drawing up the related drawings and schematics.

All of the above-mentioned works are executed by our own certified Legionella prevention consultants in accordance with the BRL 6010.

Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau is BRL 6010 certified. This means we are authorised to inspect both non-priority and priority installations and draw up the related documents.

For these projects it was Delmeco’s responsibility to carry out inspections, to manage the required installation adaptations and deliver control plans with related risk analyses, schematics and drawings. These works are executed according to ISSO 55 requirements, revised version 2012.


You can find more information on the BRL6010, Legionella, inspections, priority and non-priority installations and the Drinking Water Act / Drinking Water Decree 2011 here.

Client: Various clients

For various clients in Zeeland / the southwest Netherlands, such as the municipality of Veere, Koninklijke Schelde Groep, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, Amels, Technico Goes, Orionis Walcheren but also for healthcare complexes, B&Bs and several other company premises, we have executed Legionella inspections.

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